FAQ’s about Rapid React Plumbing

Rapid React understand that finding a professional reliable London or Greater London plumber and boiler repair engineer, which is why we have the answers to some of the frequently asked questions we are regularly asked by our customers.

Q. Do you really cover all parts of London and Greater London ?

A. Yes we do ! We also may cover surrounding areas as far a field as Hertfordshire.

Q. Are you insured to work on our boiler system ?

A. Yes. Rapid React have a £5,000,000 Public and Products Liability Insurance policy in place.

Q. Can you work on all Gledhill boiler system models ?

A. Yes we can. We are a specialist Gledhill Water Storage and Boiler Repair Engineers with expert, professional expertise and knowledge regarding these system. Customers call us when ‘ normal ‘ plumbers admit they are not professionally trained to diagnose, service and repair these type of systems.

Q. The water coming from the taps in my bathroom is dirty, can you help ?

A. You may have a build up of foreign residue which is visible when running taps. We would drain your water storage system and clean your tanks.

Q. Can you remove my existing boiler and install a new one ?

A. Yes we can. We have the professional expertise in removing and installing boiler systems in domestic and commercial environments and can take care of the whole process from start to finish ensuring any disruption is kept to the absolute minimum.

Q. My taps run hot and cold intermittently. 

A. This could be a problem with your blender valve or either the DHW or PHE sensor. We can diagnose these type of problems and replace any valve or other components in your water storage system.

Q. My boiler works from the mains but the water coming out of the taps is cold ? 

A. This could be one of many problems and could be down to the immersion heater in your unit being defective. We can diagnose these type of problems and replace any electrical heating components in your water storage system.

Q. Can you work on our boiler system even though its out of warranty ? 

A. Yes we can. We are specialist Gledhill Water Storage and Boiler Repair Engineers and can work on boiler systems experiencing problems which are out of warranty saving you time and money in the process.

Q. I live in a hard water area, how can I avoid limescale building up and corroding my boiler ?

A. We advise the removal of any existing limescale and the installation of a limescale inhibitor which will enable your water storage system to work effectively in a hard water areas.

Q. Our boiler heats up the water, but when we run the taps the water that comes out is scalding hot. Is this something that can be fixed as its impossible to use the water without having to turn on the cold water full blast ?

A. Your system should like you have a problem with a diverter or blending valve which we can diagnose and service once we are onsite.

QDo you really have a 24 hour service ?

A. Yes we do. We pride ourselves on providing a truly 24 hour service, offering our professional London or Greater London plumbing service.

We are confident that we can get your plumbing or heating troubles sorted out quickly and efficiently, 24 Hours around the clock so give us a call on our Local number 0208 471 6304 or our onsite number 07958 432 679 and let us show you why our reputation is second to none.

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